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Book by David Lee White

Music & Lyrics by  Kate Brennan


In a small guarded town, a tornado touches down on prom night, leaving devastation in its wake. The prom-goers emerge from the school to discover a third of their town gone.  Amidst the rubble of the storm, a stranger appears: an other-worldly character who identifies only as “8.”  8 communicates through a unique gestural language and starts to acquire English by reading YA classics like Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies and Grapes of Wrath. But when students start to learn 8’s unconventional language, they threaten to unearth the town’s past, a shameful past most townspeople would rather remained buried.  A new musical about past sins and future reconciliations, about the parts of ourselves we alienate to get by and the other parts that will risk anything just to connect.

ALiEN8 was initially workshopped with McCarter Theater Center's Education & Outreach program in Summer 2017. In March 2018, an Equity Workshop with Ignition Arts in Oklahoma City was directed by Jorge Donoso. It is slated for production at Drexel University Fall 2018.

16 member ensemble, with a possibility of expanding to 24; minimum: 7M;9F

Drexel University Coop & Ignition Arts Premiere Trailer directed by Jake Rouse

“ALiEN8 is art that changed my life. From the moment I read the script and listened to the demo tracks, I knew that I had to be a part of it. Working with this beautiful script and music alongside an incredible cast and crew was a whirlwind experience full of joy and love. And it was truly heartwarming to know that all the while, we were representing people of diverse race, sexuality, and gender identity — especially since the latter is still so rare to find. ALiEN8 is the kind of theatre the world needs!”

- Corinne Prudente, 8

“ALiEN8 is a force to be reckoned with and a reminder that GREAT art is being produced all over the country. David Lee White and Kate Brennan have written a musical that features young people at the heart and center with actual opinions and an actual voice. This piece is creating inter generational conversations about gender and sexuality but most all, love and acceptance.”

 - Jorge William Donoso, Director

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