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Clean Slate

"Being a part of Kate and David's creative process was a dream. I was encouraged daily to put forth my best self and use my creative impulses to add to their show. I loved working on Clean Slate because the story was continuously growing and shifting. It was so impactful to be a part of a project that was still in the works because I got to watch it grow and contribute to that growth. Kate and David create beautiful stories and give their artists a safe environment to push themselves. The community that Clean Slate brought about is the type of artistic community I want to be working in for the rest of my life."

- Lisi Levy, Andi, Ignition Arts Workshop 2019

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Book by David Lee White

Music & Lyrics by Kate Brennan


Clean Slate is the second collaboration between Kate Brennan and David Lee White developed with McCarter Theatre’s Education & Outreach Program. Ensemble of 14-28, gender fluid casting.


Read more about their work.

Clean Slate was workshopped with Ignition Arts May 2019 at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma. Clean Slate is seeking a world premiere.

Is your child difficult, unruly, oppositional, defiant? Have you reached the end of your rope? Welcome to Clean Slate – where hopeless cases are given second chances! For the next few weeks* your teen will be engaged in fun camping activities** designed to teach them empathy and forgiveness.*** At Clean Slate, we promise to turn your difficult teen’s life around!


Please be aware that due to the recent acquisition of Clean Slate by The Collective, the current rules are subject to change. For more information, please download the following pdf file detailing the current list of rule infractions that could prevent your child from benefiting from everything Clean Slate has to offer. Please check this space often as new infractions are added daily. ****


Ask your counselor today if Clean Slate is right for you!*****


* years

** orange-picking, knot-tying, light construction work

*** unless punishment is more effective 


*****It is.


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