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A Holiday Musical

There has been a fire in the North Pole. Many elves have died; the rest have gone on strike due to unsafe working conditions. One elf decides to kidnap unemployed humans to churn the holiday wheels of madness ever forward, but when a nun, a Jew and a vet end up in the North Pole, is it the start of the end or of the beginning? 

ELFuego premiered with BCKSEET Productions in Philadelphia on 12.12.12 and ran for 12 performances at the Adrienne Theatre. In partnership with PUP, Philadelphia Unemployment Project.

Opening Night Cast

Scab, an elf: Sarah Dougherty

Hope: Cindy Spitko

Frank: Jeremy Gable

Euki: Maria Konstantinidis

Quran: Craig Bazan

80 minutes, 2M;3F

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