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Kate offers private lessons in voice, acting - and now yoga - to students of all levels. Based in classical vocal training, various acting methodologies, and Linklater voicework, Kate works with students to produce sound that is healthy, spontaneous, emotionally connected, and free of tension.  Vinyasa yoga serves as a brilliant supplement to voicework, developing acute physical awareness, breath capacity, and cultivating an intimate sense of self. 
Corporate & small group workshops are available.  
Kate accompanies all of her singing students. 

Kate has been on faculty with: The University of Virginia, Temple University, St. Joseph's University, Montgomery County Community College, Rosemont College, McCarter Theater, Walnut Street Theatre, Lantern Theatre Co., Theatre Horizon, Merion Mercy Academy, Waldron Mercy Academy, BCKSEET Productions and Broadway Classroom.



“Kate doesn’t just teach acting, she helps you take a character from the page to the stage and give him life, energy, and hunger.”

Russ Hicks, BA UVA, Graduate Student at Northwestern University


“Kate's class is a beneficial experience for any actor looking to improve her craft. Her dedication, teaching methods, and genuine interest in her students' growth serve as a perfect catalyst for improved performance and a deeper understanding of each character. After the last class, I wanted to experience it all over again.” - Allison DeBlois, Theatre Professional


“She gives her input while also letting her students explore their own ideas, is always supportive and willing to listen to everything her students have to say. Both her knowledge of the industry and teaching skills were incredibly helpful for me in moving forward as a performer and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”  - Hillary Pusak, Marymount Manhattan College, 

Private Voice Student


“Throughout the course of one semester I had learned more from Kate than I have from any other acting professors… I used to not be able to take criticism at all, but Kate knows how to give constructive criticism in a way that is friendly and honest, as well as positive reinforcement. Kate unlocked a lot of my insecurities and made me think like a better performer. Not only is she funny, congenial, approachable, and knowledgeable, but she is also truly talented. I am fortunate enough to say that my first acting experience was with Kate and I will never forget that class. It was a blast!” - Leah Goldman, UVA Graduate


“I had Kate as my voice teacher for two and a half years.  In that time, I feel that I grew tremendously as a singer and also as an actor.  She had an amazing way of using acting techniques that she knew I was familiar with to get the results we needed with my voice.  As an actor who was trying to learn to sing, this was perfect.  Also, I always felt that Kate cared about me and that connection inspired me to practice and try as hard as I could.  I always looked forward to voice lessons because Kate turned singing into acting, which is what I loved and we always had fun.” - Margaret Mason, Penn State University 


With BCKSEET Ignition, Kate created The Ani Fund, a scholarship which extends opportunities to young theatre artists in honor of Ani Fiordimondo, the consumate theatre artist. 


Professionals and students collaborate yearly on the Ani Cabaret to celebrate the life of our friend, Ani. Funds from the event benefit aspiring artists who reflect Ani's positivity, dedication and love of the arts.


To date, ten young artists have received opportunities from this fund:


2012: Kerry Candeloro, Brennen Malone & Molly Lang


2011: Katherine Kelly & Janelle Caso 


2010: Keegan Lee Peter, Lindsay Nicolo & John Michael Szczepaniak-Gillece


2009: Madeline Shapiro & Hallie Harmon 


Visit for more info. 



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