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Lost Boys Premieres with DreamWrights

My new musical Lost Boys premieres with DreamWrights Center for Community Arts this weekend and next, DEC 10 & 17th @ 3PM. Come check out this new heartwarming musical for all ages!

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When a girl chases her lost voice into the unknown, she stumbles into a land frozen by the ticking of a clock along with the band of misfits Peter Pan left behind. Experts in all things lost, the lost boys are eager to help our wanderer find her way. But in helping the mysterious girl recover what she is missing, will the lost boys discover what they have lost as well? A TYA musical in verse developed in collaboration with young artists about identity, presence, time, and the things we lose and how to find them.… where the lost boys are actually girls.

Read more on Broadway World.

Running time: 50 minutes


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