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The Marginals was named a finalist for The Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival

Kate's latest Evolving Artist play, The Marginals, was named a finalist for the The Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival which champions the best new American plays for young people.

In a world of superhuman strength, flying and time travel, it’s hard not to feel inadequate when all you can do is make grass grow 5% faster. The School for the Marginally Magical helps the…less amazing students reach their potential, whatever it may be. When a new student immigrates to school bringing more art than practical magic, the world turns inside out. Will the students’ marginal abilities be enough to save their classmates from a horticultural nightmare, or has this stranger exposed them to a deeper shade of magic that is part of their very nature?

SAVED BY THE BELL meets THE OWL HOUSE in this offbeat genderless take on how growing up in the margins doesn’t mean you can’t become something extraordinary.

With a psychedelic rock number, a celebratory dance sequence, and a tie-in with a real art for social change project, this show has roles for 12+ young actors that are all genderless!

Read it on NPX.


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