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The Self-Destruction of Emma James named an O'Neill Semifinalist!

The Self-Destruction of Emma James: A Play about Having it All was just named a Semifinalist for The O'Neill New Play Development Conference. This is Kate's third O'Neill recognition after What's in Store: A Swedish Dramedy and Lost Boys: A Musical-in-Verse.

Emma James is a mother of two young children who is trying to survive the day and reenter the workforce. But to land the new opportunity she seeks, she may have to make a deal with the devil, or herself, or possibly both. But what could go wrong when she finally gets everything she ever wanted? 

Groundhogs Day meets Faust in this new play about the lengths we go to protect our children and the risks we take to preserve ourselves, the devil we know and the devil we haven’t met yet, and the unending ever-illusive search for work/life balance.

Read it here.


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