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Katherine refuses to eat blue M&Ms in protest of the tan ones being removed from the bag fifteen years ago; she likes to watch a pilates DVD from New Zealand and she hasn’t showered in a week.  Her brother, Auggie, bursts on the scene in an effort to move her with a cabaret night club and an other-worldly charisma in tow.  The only problem is: she doesn’t have a brother. Sift through Katherine’s world of Pepperidge Farm Cookie boxes and heavily medicated day-mares to determine what is dream and what is reality — and what exactly are the consequences of tampering with the delicate balance in between?  

How it Goes - Kate Brennan
StrangeLove - Kate Brennan
Independence Is - Kate Brennan
Baggage - Kate Brennan

Some Assembly Required was workshopped at The University of Virginia in 2008, The Society Hill Playhouse in 2009 and premiered in Philadelphia with BCKSEET Productions in Spring 2010. Produced in conjunction with The Parkinson Council. The original cast recording was created at Turtle Studio in Philadelphia and is available on iTunes. 

Workshop Cast University of Virginia

Katherine: Kate Brennan

Auggie: Blake Segal

Opening Night Cast

Katherine: Kate Brennan

Auggie: Josh Totora

Some Assembly Required:

A Multimedia Meta-Musical

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