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Work Samples

Illuminate was developed with Ignition Arts in Summer 2020 with the suport of the CAIRS Undergraduate/ Faculty Research Grant. The final installment of the The Infinity Trilogy, the collaboration brought together two dozen artists from 14 different states and 4 time zones.

ALiEN8 was commissioned by McCarter Theatre Center's Education & Outreach Program in Summer 2017. It received an Equity workshop with Ignition Arts in 2018, premiered with Drexel University's Mandell Professionals in Residence Project in Fall 2019 and will be published this year.

elevated thoughts: 100 Shadormas from 9,000ft. was created at HBMG's National Winter Playwrights Retreat and then developed in collaboration with then undergraduate BFA candidate, Corinne Prudente. The book is accompanied by an original score to enhance the reading experience. The illustrated poetry book was released with Literati Press in 2020 and then adapted into the short film elevated with OCU's Devising Class in Spring 2020. 

Each year, we recite all 154 sonnets in honor of Shakespeare's birthday at Sonnet-a-thon. With the University shuttered last spring, we moved the endeavor online and created Sonnet-a-log, a catalog of sonnets. On April 23, 2020, all 154 were recited and screened marking a unique collaboration between students, alumni and faculty. 

After composing the music for Illuminate, I collaborated with OCU undergraduate artist Avery Bruce to soundscape and mix the pieces and Drexel University musician Josh Goldhaber to arrange the score and draft a more inclusive, genderless voicing for the parts.

Illuminate was developed with Ignition Arts in Summer 2020 with the help of the CAIRS Undergraduate/ Faculty Research Grant. In an effort to generate collaborative art remotely while crafting meaningful material that will serve the needs of artists and educators right now, we created a new theatre format: Myriodrama. This format was developed using the curriculum of Brennan Check-In.

The Fair Play Podcast

addresses inequity in casting by highlighting plays that offer more (and more meaningful!) roles for women. Six new titles each episode.Co-hosted with UK Professor Kristen Cerelli.

The Brennan Book Blog & Podcast promote page-turning titles. Like to read about books? Check out the blog. Like to listen about books? Check out the podcast. Podcast Sound Engineer is (OCU BFA graduate) Daniel Etti-Williams.

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