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#notacult or Camp Hope... is a Finalist for the Judith Royer Award!

#notacult or Camp Hope: An Interview Retrospective of the Accidental Cult that Started an Actual Movement was named a Finalist for the Judith Royer Award for Excellent in Playwriting presented by The Association for Theatre in Higher Education.

From ATHE: "The Judith Royer Excellence in Playwriting Award honors a new play marked by sophisticated and nuanced storytelling, with the potential to make a major artistic impact on contemporary theatre."

Once a respected poetry professor, Jillian is now home raising two children under 5. When her toddler’s technology prowess leads other moms to start moving onto Jillian’s property, will Jillian be exposed as a fraud or become the person she was always meant to be?Daisy Jones & the Six meets Waiting for Guffman in this kaleidoscopic retrospective of a new mom who accidentally starts a cult.

#notacult is a poignant portrait of a woman in crisis on a comedic journey to reinvent herself, as well as a heartwarming tale of the bizarre lengths women will travel to save each other.

#notacult features 5 dynamic roles for women! Read it on NPX!


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